Looking for Classic Care Club?


Classic Care Club is now the 'ROUTE 66 Customer Care Promises'.  Same great benefits, different name!

With your purchase of an RV from a ROUTE 66 dealer,
you are guaranteed these promises for as long as you own the RV. . .


  • 10% off parts and accessories at any ROUTE 66 RV Network parts store in North America (not including service, special order or on sale parts).
  • We will make every effort to diagnose your RV’s problem within one service business day of your arrival and, if possible, complete the repair or place your RV in the service schedule with a preferred status.
  • We will use the Network’s Proprietary Parts Network to quickly locate and secure any parts needed that are unique to your RV’s year, make and model.
  • We will assist you in securing nearby accommodations and local transportation, if needed, while any service work is being performed.
  • We will make arrangements for you with another local service provider if the ROUTE 66 dealer you visited is unable to perform the service necessary due to manufacturer warranty or other service requirements.
  • You will be treated like a valued customer by every ROUTE 66 RV Network dealer you visit in North America.

Questions about your Classic Care Club membership? See the Frequently Asked Questions below:



  • I received a renewal e-mail for Classic Care and it brought me here...
    Good news... you don't have to do anything! Your Classic Care membership has automatically become a ROUTE 66 Customer Care Promises membership. To use your membership, all your ROUTE 66 dealership needs to do is look you up in their system by either your previously provided e-mail address or phone number.
  • Does Promises come with a card?
    No. Rather than 1yr terms and a card, Promises is our long time guarantee that lasts for the length of time you own the RV purchased from your ROUTE 66 dealer.
  • How do I prove I'm a Promises member if I don't have a card?
    Your ROUTE 66 dealer will be able to look up your membership information by your previously provided email or phone number.
  • I was a Classic Care Club member... Do I need to do anything?
    Nope. As long as you signed up for or renewed your Classic Care Club on or after 1/1/12, your membership has been transferred over to Customer Care Promises.


If you are a current Classic Care Club member and still have questions, Click Here to contact us.