Looking for Classic Care Club?


Classic Care Club is now the 'ROUTE 66 Customer Care Promises'.  Same great benefits, different name!

With your purchase of an RV from a ROUTE 66 dealer,
you are guaranteed these promises for as long as you own the RV. . .


Questions about your Classic Care Club membership? See the Frequently Asked Questions below:



  • I received a renewal e-mail for Classic Care and it brought me here...
    Good news... you don't have to do anything! Your Classic Care membership has automatically become a ROUTE 66 Customer Care Promises membership. To use your membership, all your ROUTE 66 dealership needs to do is look you up in their system by either your previously provided e-mail address or phone number.
  • Does Promises come with a card?
    No. Rather than 1yr terms and a card, Promises is our long time guarantee that lasts for the length of time you own the RV purchased from your ROUTE 66 dealer.
  • How do I prove I'm a Promises member if I don't have a card?
    Your ROUTE 66 dealer will be able to look up your membership information by your previously provided email or phone number.
  • I was a Classic Care Club member... Do I need to do anything?
    Nope. As long as you signed up for or renewed your Classic Care Club on or after 1/1/12, your membership has been transferred over to Customer Care Promises.


If you are a current Classic Care Club member and still have questions, Click Here to contact us.